even a small donation is a great help for us

We ask for your help in the form of economic collaboration in order to continue with our project, “Pan y Cacahuetes”, so that these, and other children who will come to us in the future, may benefit from an education that respects their individual developmental needs.

Donated funds will be used for things such as: wooden constructions for the garden, salaries for facilitators, organic food for breakfast, story books, furniture and carpets, artistic materials, materials for symbolic and representative play, etc.


(no commission within the European Economic Area – EEA)


Crowdfunding option coming soon!



You can also make a bank transfer (charges may apply, please ask your bank):
IBAN: ES89 1491 0001 2321 8636 5116

(Don’t forget to leave us your email address so that we can thank you!)


Thank you very much!!!