About us

We are a group of families living in the Alpujarra, south of Granada, united by a common vision of the upbringing of our children, and by a common project of a learning environment respectful of their natural rhythms.

Support us

First of all, INFINITE THANKS to all the people who have supported us in our CROWDFUNDING PROJECT for the creation of a primary school space! We have received love, encouragement and contributions from many places aroung the world, reaching all five continents!

This is just amazing!!!   🎉  Again, thank you all so much!

However, things don’t always work out as expected, and the pre-summer rains have left us with a “small” obstacle to overcome before we can start building the dome we dreamed of…

New developments

 The price of wood has risen so much that the wooden dome we had dreamt of has become unrealistic. 

But the universe decided to keep helping us, and put us on the path of brick dome specialists who offered to organise an eco-dome building course at Pan y Cacahuetes!

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